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Hello! I didn't know this community existed! But I'm glad it does. I hate boasting about my infertility in non-cf communities. I feel bad when people who can't get pregnant when they actually want to comment and are sad. Like I'm rubbing it in their face or something.

Anyhoo, my first endocrinologist appointment was two weeks ago, and based on my DHEA level being more than twice the normal upper limit, and my other male hormones being on the high end, he said that I probably have PCOS. I went back today after he did some more bloodwork, and unfortunately I only spoke to the nurse, and am suffering a random terrible ear infection and was not interested in asking lots of questions while I was there, so I still don't know for sure if I actually have it. Although the doctor really seemed to think so last time, and the nurse didn't say anything different. I sort of wish they would have just called so I wouldn't have had to come in for them to just say "everything the same? ok then."

My only symptoms really are irregular period (too few, not too many), and hair loss like crazy. I have also noticed that since I went off the pill (I got a non-hormonal IUD, which I love) I've been feeling very bored and demotivated all the time, but I'm not entirely sure that that's related. I feel very lucky to have found the doctor I did! I was sort of expecting a big crazy fertility talk, but I told him that I am childfree and that I am basically only concerned about the hair loss, and he said "OK. Then we'll only worry about the hair loss." So yay to that.

He prescribed Spironolactone for the hair loss. I've only been taking it for two weeks, so I guess we'll wait and see about the results.

So anyways, I just wanted to say hello. I'm sure I'll be posting again in the future...
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