pcos13 (pcos13) wrote in pcos_childfree,

hey girls,
i started on 50mg of sprinolactone about 3 - 4 wks ago and i think it might be affecting my period??

im not sure but whoevers not grossed out and think they might know... here are the
i usually get a normal period, not too heavy but not light. but you know how usually at the very beginning or very end of your period its not red blood? its usually this lighting brown substance... well this month my period came a wk or 2 early which is veryyyyy unusual coz i usually get it a few days - week later than the previous month. and thats how it always goes and this way i had just had a period 2 wks before this one came. but anyway, when i got it i wasnt even really sure that i did coz i could only see a tinnyyy light brown trace whenver i would wipe and this last for the first 3 days where i didnt even have to wear a pad. on the 4th day i needed a pad but it would only get ummm like a few drops/traces throughout the whole day. today is my 5th day and im getting more than yesterday but its still the same brown stuff. should i be worried??
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