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sure to be bingo-licious

I'm headed out to my family reunion tomorrow morning, and I'm going to be seeing a lot of relatives that I haven't really seen or talked to much since our grandmother died three years ago--in other words, since I've made the conscious decision to be childfree. Most of my cousins (all but three plus myself) are breeders and one just started taking in foster children on top of her own brood of four, and my family isn't the most liberal group out there, so I'm kind of dreading it--I have a feeling that I'm going to be "outed" and it's not going to be fun.

Even if it doesn't come up, I still have to deal with all the kids. -_-* Technically the reunion started tonight and isn't over until Monday, but I'll be arriving tomorrow around lunchtime and leaving Sunday afternoon. 36 hours will be more than enough. I'm taking some books and hoping the kids will want to be outside the whole time (luckily I'm not much of one for sunshine, lol).

Now, I'm not going to be antagonistic, but I HAVE saved this bingo card to my desktop, and if it comes up, I WILL actively be keeping score. ^_^

So I'm curious--how do you deal with your extended family's opinions of your childfreedom, especially when they criticize you? I have a couple of snappy comebacks ready just in case, but I'd love to hear new ones! Also, if you have someone (CF or otherwise) who has your back in these sort of situations, I want to know. One of my sisters has decided that she just plain doesn't want marriage or a relationship, so she totally understands how hard it is to go against the grain in our family, and she was texting me today asking when I was going to get there. Hehe.

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