Katsy Stone (rebelkitten) wrote in pcos_childfree,
Katsy Stone


I have recently been regularly sexually active since I was diagnosed with PCOS two years ago. I know this is risky, especially for those without PCOS, but we have been practicing pull out method. Although, I need to clarify that I am in a serious relationship with my partner and we did originally use condoms, until we were clear for STDs. I have been on BCP in the past, before I was diagnosed and they made me too emotional. I figured since I have infertility issues coupled with the withdrawl method that I should be low risk, but of course I am having anxiety about the small possibility of getting pregnant which absolutely makes me shudder. I really do not want to have to go on BC pills, but I am thinking that may be my best option. What does someone else suggest given our lower rate of getting pregnant but still needing some contraception and if BCP are the only reliable method, which kind would you recommend for PCOS? I should also add that my partner is also looking to get a vasectomy, but we need something in the mean time.
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