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funny, but true...

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Though granted, sometimes people aren't trying to argue against your childfreedom--they just don't know about it, and say presumptuous things like this. Anyone have an experience to share? I'll go first:

A couple of weeks ago, my fiancé and I went to the dedication for the child that my cousins just adopted. (See, we don't hate kids! Lol.) We ran into an old family friend that hadn't met my fiancé yet, and we ended up in the buffet line next to her. After telling us that we looked like brother and sister (yeah, we kinda do...), she laughed and said, "Well, I guess you know what your kids will look like!"

We were both silent, not sure how to even go about explaining--sigh, hyper-religious people of the marriage-is-for-babymakin'-strain, and not wanting to make a scene at someone else's major life event--and before we could come up with anything we ended up getting split up to go through different lines.

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