Azryela Abysma (azryela) wrote in pcos_childfree,
Azryela Abysma

Free Like New Uterus to a Good Home

That would be the answer to one of my biggest problems. And someone else's too. They can transplant nearly any major organ. Why not a uterus? I would totally give up my uterus to a woman who wanted children but had a bad uterus. I don't want kids but hey feel free to fuck up your own. Why not? But I suppose I will never be so lucky. I got back my pelvic ultrasound results. Nada. Damn't, why must I suffer through a period when I am already sterilized? It's needless misery. Especially with my cramps being so bad lately. *sigh* What can I do though? I'm a really bad liar so I don't want to go back to the doctor complaining. Apparently my PCOS isn't enough. Damn't. With my mom just barely starting menopause at 49, it gives me 20+ more years of misery.

And on that subject, one of my old doctor's said if I lose weight, it would help to regulate my crazy period. Ok, nice theory but in high school/college when I weighed nearly 100 pounds less then I do now, it was crazy. Now all of a sudden I gain 30 pounds and it is so regular that I can practically pinpoint the minute it will start. Whatever. I don't think doctor's know as much about PCOS as they would like to think.

Anyway, just had to get that off my chest.
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