Angelic Fruitcake (lula_neith) wrote in pcos_childfree,
Angelic Fruitcake

Mirena IUD

Writing to ask what people's thoughts are or experiences with the Mirena IUD have been. I got a DepoProvera shot. It did not stop my bleeding. I now have INCREDIBLE mood swings and homocidal as well as the previous trouble with depression and the trouble with weight loss. I am absolutely DESPERATE to STOP the bleeding. A couple of years ago I bled and clotted for 4 months straight and I would literally kill myself if that happens again. I'm not interested in anything but that end: the bleeding MUST stop. That said, the doctors don't seem especially concerned that this is an issue. I, however, will have to DEMAND action if it goes on much longer.  I was not warned that Depo would/could cause MORE bleeding (aside from the out-of-control emotions).

So, a friend suggested getting the Mirena IUD once the Depo wears off. The doctor wouldn't have even =suggested= it to me if I hadn't brought it up; he even brought up hysterectomy before I mentioned the Mirena. Then he brought in a brochure (?). My friend, who is a nurse practitioner, said there are less symptoms and less bleeding sooner, thogh the first couple weeks there might be blood. Is anyone using this or do you know of someome who has? I hope to get the Mirena in August rather than renew the DepoProvera crap.

I have more faith in the thoughts and suggestions of women who have experienced this than the doctors at this point. Thank you for any and all responses.

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